Ghost on the Coast 23 - 2021 is CANCELLED

We know you've all been patiently waiting to hear back from us regarding Ghost 2021. I can promise it's been a long summer for us.

Unfortunately, this isn't the announcement we had hoped or wanted to make. Ghost 2021 is cancelled.

Thanks to Covid, we got off to a very late start on this year's planning. Once they reopened, we worked very hard with the new Sea Mist management to negotiate a contract that would be beneficial to all, and keep us there for another year.

We reached an agreement and were ready to sign on the dotted line, but had the rug pulled out from under us by the new owners, who unexpectedly declared they were going to be a "dry" facility. Alcohol sales would not be permitted on the premises. Period.

Obviously, this was going to be a problem. We evaluated countless options on how we could proceed, including various BYOB and open-bar scenarios. While they sounded promising, none of these options were going to work for legal reasons.

We had no choice but to seek a new resort on very short notice - one that would be big enough to accommodate us, available for The Ghost's dates, and willing to work with us on the requirements needed to successfully run The Ghost.

We called and evaluated many different venues in the area, hoping to find anything that would work - even for one year. While we found some promise and potential, nothing would work for this year. The timing is against us. and we can't keep asking you to wait while we hope and pray we can find something that may or may not come to be.

Many of you knew (or suspected) of the issues with The Sea Mist, and the generous offers of assistance, alternate venues, and moral support have been overwhelming. It is heartwarming to know so many of you care, and we truly do appreciate all of your support!

While the past few weeks haven't given us the outcome we wanted for this year, we have laid the foundation for 2022, and are already making headway in securing a new home for The Ghost, that we hope will be for years to come! The Sea Mist was good to us and was a valued partner for many years, and we are saddened to leave under such painful and unfortunate circumstances.

The Ghost on the Coast would sincerely like to apologize to Chuck Hudson, the staff, and members of the USSDA. We thank you for all you've done for us, and greatly appreciate your partnership and support!

More importantly, we want to apologize to you, the darters. Your support over these last 23 years is what's made this all possible! When we hear the passion in your voices, the calls, the offers of support and help, and in the countless emails and texts, it makes it all the more difficult to make this announcement. Without you, The Ghost would be nothing.

We promise, Ghost on the Coast 23 will be back. We'll be bigger and badder than ever in 2022, and we hope you'll be back with us! The Ghost will not die with a whimper, but live on with a bang!

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