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Ghost 18 is nearly upon us!
Due to our overwhelming turnout last year and continued growth, we've decided to make some changes!
We hope you like them...

-  We're expanding into multiple rooms on the ground floor...
-  We're adding more boards in those rooms, and removing some boards from the basement...
-  We moved Mixed Doubles Cricket from Saturday morning to Friday afternoon...
-  The Friday night Blind Draw is now 501 only
-  We've adjusted the start times on Saturday's events to give everyone more time to play...

In all seriousness, we recognize that we've gotten pretty big.  The schedule that suited us so well for so many years just isn't efficient anymore. 

We shared your frustrations with having Saturday's events starting so late.  As a result, this year, we've made these changes in the hope that it will make for a better weekend for all of you!   

Thank you all for your overwhelming support throughout the years!!

Click here to download a copy of the flyer in PDF format.




Ghost on the Coast can be found on Facebook/Ghost on the Coast.



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Bud Grazioli - 843.828.1171

Jim Morris - 828.279.0614  


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If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. 

Simply click on one if the e-mail links above and send us a note!  Thanks!



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