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Ghost on the Coast 19 is rapidly approaching!!

Time to make your reservations.
Click the "Tournament Location" link below for details...

Click below for a PDF copy of the flyer 

We encourage everyone to wear a costume on Saturday night, during the Mixed Triples event.
You may choose to play in the Mixed Triples while in costume.  If you do, and you're the
last person playing in costume, you'll win $100!!
(Any ties will be broken by the staff, based on originality and design)

We may also give a prize for the best or most original costume, or we may give several prizes!
Judging is ongoing throughout the evening; if you're in costume, we'll see you!! 
If we like what we see, you may win a prize!!





Dart Concessions provided by 


Ghost on the Coast can be found on Facebook/Ghost on the Coast.



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Bud Grazioli - 843.457.8398

Jim Morris - 828.279.0614  


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If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. 

Simply click on one if the e-mail links above and send us a note!  Thanks!



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